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Concession rentals
Hot Dog Steamer
Hot Dog Steamer
Modelo: Hot Dog Steamer
Categoría: Concession rentals


This Steamin' Demon with Dry Element Hot Dog Machine will cook and keep your hot dogs warm. Cooking time: 45 min. to 1 hour, depending on quantiy. This steamr holds 80-90 dogs, 30-40 buns, and 4 quarts of water. Rental inludes the machine only. Coustumers provides: hot-dogs and buns.

Controls and their Functions:

  •   1.Prepare the steamer for operation.
  •   2.Fill the water pan with water (up to 4 quarts).
  •   3.Place the hood on top of the water pan.
  •   4.Place the hot dogs in the small basket, and the buns in the large basket. Arrange the hot dogs and buns so that there is free circulation of steam.
  •   5.Put the two lids back on top of the machine.
  •   6.Turn the heat control knob to the "HIGH" setting.
  •   7.After 45 min. when the dogs are done, set the heat control to number 5 position to keep it warm.
  •   8.Keep the lids closed when not serving.
  •   9.Add more water as need it to maintain water level.

Place several buns in the bun side of the cabinet. Place buns as needed, leaving buns in too long will result in soggy buns.